So rich and varied are the finest specimens of Agarwood that no two pieces, even if taken from the same Aquilaria tree, have the same characteristics. Every piece is unique.
The fragrances captured in the wood of the roots and those in the wood of the branches may be worlds apart. They share only an infinite capacity to fascinate.
This helps explain the wondrous diversity of Oud. Far from delivering a singular experience, it yields a feast of pleasures.
When the heartwood is used to make incense and gently burned, it may convey tranquility, a sense of inner peace or positive well-being. Whatever the precise qualities it brings, Oud incense always satisfies.
And, however many times it is enjoyed, the satisfaction never fades. Oud is the best kind of friend, a companion for all seasons and every occasion.
So it is that, once introduced into a civilization, it remains forever a part of people’s lives, from their everyday rituals to events that come once in a generation.

Many have sought to characterize the infinite tones that may be released by incense made from Agarwood. A small but oft-used lexicon likens them to the flavors and textures of food and drink.
Thus “sweet” aromas resemble honey or the richest sugar. “Sour” indicates the smell of plums and other fruits that tend to astringency. “Hot” evokes red peppers aflame, while “salty” is the scent of the ocean issuing from fresh seaweed as it dries. And “bitter” is a bubbling concoction of medicinal herbs.
Such terms are evocative, to be sure, yet only begin to suggest the abundance of tones that Oud incense makes accessible. At AMEENAH, we wanted to delve further into this cornucopia, showcasing in particular the possibilities of the Agarwood we cultivate on our plantation.
Oud from the trees of Thailand’s fertile lands tends toward deeper, darker hues - woody, or sharp, sometimes hot and even bitter. These can now be enjoyed in our own collection of incense powders. It has been curated with the same passionate imagination as we bring to fragrances in our ongoing collaborations with international perfumers.
So we celebrate Thailand’s role as a beacon of quality and best practice in the production of Oud. So we add another chapter to the endless and still spreading story that is the Legend of Oud.


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