Our story is one of humble beginnings and a great journey that takes us on a never-ending quest into the legendary world of Oud. Like all the great stories of old, ours began as a mystery. Wondrous tales of potent fragrances from exotic lands were enough to spark a fire that has burned ever brightly over the following four decades. Drawn as we were to the Agarwood tree and the oil it yields, we found ourselves intrigued. We determined to learn.  We ventured to discover.  We aspired to know.  

Swiftly, fascination took us in its grip, until finally we were in thrall.  As if it were always meant to be, our family discovered the heritage of this most esteemed and lavish fragrance.  Ever since, we have dedicated our business – our lives, even – to the pursuit of its care, cultivation and distillation.  

Our companions on the journey are our dear family, business partners, and our friends.  Some have been with us from the first day out, the better part of four decades ago.  Likewise, the good people who tend and lovingly guard our plantations, deploying ancient crafts and skills; many of them are also following a proud family tradition.  

Our trail is guided by a disdain for artificial trickery that might hasten the production of the oil but would surely degrade it. We seek harmony with the land and our precious environment, observing the highest ecological principles, as they are understood in the wisest assemblies. For us, purity is all, in our practices as well as in our products.

Initially, we found aesthetic inspiration close to home, in the extraordinary natural and cultural diversity of southeast Asia. But the Oud is a treasure so great that it can only reflect the abundance of the whole planet. And so, we continue to refine, to present new ways of enjoying the oil. Guided by legendary tales, we explored, and in finding the oil, we discovered lost worlds.

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